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トップ 導入事例 カヤバ株式会社 様

I would like to say that I am very happy with the Japanese lessons taken and grateful to Otsuka sensei.

Q1. Please tell us what made you consider to take our Japanese course.

A. When I arrived to Japan I did not know any Japanese school and the company where I am working at, recommended this school for me.

Q2. Regarding our Japanese course, was it how you expected?

A. To be honest, I did not know how the Japanese lessons should be managed because as it is not possible to read anything at the beginning, there are many different items to pay attention. Then, we decided to set a target to keep up the motivation to study every day and have a study guide line, and this target was the JPLT test.
Then, the Japanese course was focused on the JPLT grammar, vocabulary, kanji, etc, but of course, always that I have any doubt related to the day to day life or job, it was very well answered by Otsuka sensei.

Q3. Did you get any results?

A. Yes, the JPLT test was the target to study and keep up the motivation, but the real objective was to be able to speak in any situation with Japanese people. I could little by little get used to use the learned Japanese language in the normal life, then could use it in meals or excursion with Japanese colleges and at the end, what was more important for me, I managed to participate actively in a Japanese job meetings. Then, I can strongly say that the main objective was achieved.

Q4. What was the most difficult thing through studying?

A. For me, the most difficult thing to study was the huge quantity of vocabulary and similar words that there are in the Japanese language and learn in which situation use each one. Of course, Kanji are also extremely difficult due to the quantity and similarity among them, but I feel that even though I spend the rest of my life studding Kanji, I will never finish. Then I studied the JPLT Kanji list but paid more attention in the most common Kanji used at job and in those ones which allowed me to chat with colleges and friends.

Q5. Could you write messages to your teacher and people who want to study Japanese.

A. I would like to say to Otsuka sensei that the lessons planning was very well organized and managed. We study every day the lesson planned without having any rest and I liked it because we could keep up improving every day.
For the people who would like to start studying Japanese language, I would like to say that the patience is very important but to have a clear target and go for it is more significant, and of course, have fun doing it.